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Thanks to the most modern technology and to the strong experience and professionalism of Mylift's engineers, Mylift solves all kind of vertical transportation's needs in buildings.

High-quality is guaranteed by a strong control of all manufacturing processes and Mylift's hoisting systems are designed, installed and maintained in accordance with the Czech and European laws in force. All the materials are produced according to the UNI EN 29001 Quality Assurance Regime.

Thanks to the wide choice of products, Mylift allows its customer to find, for any type of building, the most suitable solution to solve problems related to the system's destination, use and to the edifice's specific requirements, choosing among a full range of drives: normal-electric or with speed-controller, hydraulic and escalators.

Mylift offers a comprehensive line of cages' choices: Traditional, Special systems and goods lifts. All Mylift's advanced and technologic solutions are a sure answer to any kind of requirement.

The panoramic cages, for both indoor and outdoor applications, have become the soul of Mylift's production and they're available in a wide range of shapes: round, square, hexagonal or as you prefer. Cages haven't any structural problems and are carefully planned.

Mylift's elevators are characterized by original designs, materials' preciousness and perfect trimmings. The wide choice of lightings creates pleasant reflections in cages. Details are carefully planned, so all realizations are perfectly comfortable, safe and functional.

Mylift belongs to an International and renowned business company. Its designers, operators and engineers are highly qualified to meet any customer's requirements.

Everything can be created by Mylift: from the small service-lift to the Industrial futuristic Hoisting System.