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Today the elevator is considered a fundamental element in the construction of new residential buildings; therefore,  a focused analysis of its characteristics is fundamental to achieve the right result.

Mylift and its staff works to offer a valid support, from the design to the execution of the several operations, in order to guarantee a product and a service of top quality.

Another important aspect is the proximity to the Customer, which Mylift cares about in a very particular way, to be the right partner in any situation, with clear and fast response, design and technical assistance and the easy dialogue, allowing Mylift to establish a profitable and productive relashionship to both parts.

Another fundamental aspect is the versatility of the Mylift devices: Capacity, speed, type of system, finishing and other factors put this company among the top in terms of quantity and quality of solutions to satisfy any type of requirements from its Customers.

Being also builders, we are able to ensure a very interesting quality/price ratio, with whichever type of elevator and with whichever characteristic.
In the section download you can find a series of useful examples for the design, but if you contact our offices directly we will be happy to assist you.