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This type of device is usually installed in restaurants, businesses, stores, shops etc, and must respond not only to certain rules and normatives, but mainly to the customer several requirements.

Over several years of experience an extremely simple system was developed, which is operated by the final user, not to mention an extremely robust product, able to operate for very long periods of time at maximum efficiency.

Mylift has a large range of models, with different dimensions and capacities from 12 to 300 Kg, with swing or guillotine doors with or without self-supporting structure in zinc covered steel to eliminate any risc of corrosion from humidity, which generally settles in the devices' pits.

The advantage of the supporting structure is that complex building works are not necessary, only in the passages between floors, the electrical source and a cover appropriateto the type of environment, all this allow a simple and very quick installation both in new and existing buildings, to respond positively to all.

Your requirements.

A sofisticated and modern process management and high product standardisation allow a highly industrialised and automatised production, thanks also to the adoption of state-of-the-art productive technology, all in the benefit of product quality, production and installation speed and economy.

One of our consultants will be at your complete disposal to find the solution that best satisfies Your expectations and requirements.