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Freight elevators

The elevators for the trasport of particularly heavy loads, usually installed in factories, shops, parkings etc, must respond to certain rules and normatives.

Generally, these elevators have a load capacity between 2,000 and 25,000 Kg and, being subject to particularly intense efforts, it is a good norm to build them with robust load-bearing structures, over-designing all the several components. Mylift is aware that problems with this type of device generate unexpected work suspensions, causing more delays and economic losses than with other types of devices, so we try to avoid them already in design phase.

Mylift team has dealt with this kind of devices for many decades, maturing the right experience to build elevators which are solid and last particularly long, other than being extremely functional, comfortable, safe and economic.

Moreover, the productive range of the Mylift devices is among the most varied and articulated in the sector, the sofisticated technological solutions employed in building them allow carrying out the most varied requests in the sector, proposing the most adequate model, being either electric or oleodynamic devices, or without machine room.

One of our consultants will be at your complete disposal to find the solution that best satisfies Your expectations and requirements.