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U Malvazinky
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Calculating and verifying the characteristics of the elevator is of fundamental importance in the design of new buildings, and determine a good and safe work, as well as comfortable over time.

Mylift makes available to its customers all of its professionality, that of its staff, factory and design studios, offering a quick and decisive service, which has as only objective the satisfaction of its customers and end users.

Years of experience, matured even before the establishment of the Mylift brand in Czech Republic, make it the right partner in any type of situation.

Another important thing in the management of elevator devices are the several tests to be carried out periodicaly, depending on the type of device, as forecasted by several normatives, in particular CSN 27 4002, which determines their frequency.

Mylift personnel was instructed for that puspose and, after an attentive examination by the appointed entity, is today able to carry out a series of verifications aimed to ascertain the efficiency of the devices and the respect of the current normatives regarding the components' conservation state.

For that purpose one of our consultants will be at Your complete disposal to offer you the solution that best satisfies Your expectations and requirements.