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As with any other machinery, the elevators must be put under periodic maintenance to preserve their state and operation; other than that, the checking of the safety equipment provide also a crucial operation for the passengers safeguard.

The operations to be carried out on the elevators which are prescribed on the current normatives are mainly 4:

  1. operation tests, at maximum every 2 weeks (CSN 27 4002 annex D);
  2. maintenance (CSN 27 4002);
  3. safety tests, at maximum every 3 months (CSN 27 4002 annex B);
  4. specific tests, in function of the type of device and in any case at least every 3 years.

In order to satisfy any requirement, Mylift offers several services to its customers; here follows a brief description:

Bi-weekly maintenance – As described in point “a”, a check every two weeks to verify what is prescribed by the current normatives other than the classic preventive maintenance, this type of service involves at least 24 annual checks, not to mention point “c”.

Monthly maintenance – Being a machine that moves autonomously trasporting any type of user, we believe this type of service to be more efficient to guarantee high standards of operation, comfort and components conservation. Other than carrying out a preventive maintenance, checks specified in point “c” will be carried out, for a total of at least 12 annual checks.

Quarterly maintenance – For devices which do not require particular maintenance or of scarse activity, a quarterly maintenance could be the best solution, other than the simple preventive maintenance the checks described in point “c” will be carried out, for a total of annual interventions of at least 4.

Other than the above, it is possible to activate other options; do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to find the most appropriate solution to

Your requirements, one of our specialists will be happy to assist You.

Mylift and its staff, thanks to the experience matured by its team through many years serving many companies, are today able to operate on any type of elevator being it a Mylift product or from another company.