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Due to time, wear, improper usage, performance reduction, environmental factors etc, it is necessary to carry out works to improve the elevator's efficiency.

Mylift, thanks to in-depth studies performed by its team, is able to advise You on the best solution and ensure an optimal result from the modernisation.

The best possible, other than what is prescribed by the current normatives, are diverse and may include all the device's components; the use of new technology increases the  efficiency and therefore generates an energetic and environmental saving, other than improving comfort and aesthetics.

Next, a brief description of the several improvements possible is made.


Replacement of contacts in the elevator shaft

It is a good norm, in the course of time, after an elevator has already performed a relevant number of trips, to replace the comands and controls. It is necessary to consider that an elevator moves in function of hundreds of information coming from contacts, pulses, signals installed in the elevator shaft and that if one of these does not work efficiently it would put in crisis the normal use of the system, causing several problems. The replacement of contacts in the elevator shaft with others of new generation ensure a safer and more silent operation and a much higher degree of efficiency is achived, in relation to those designed and built years ago.


Circuit box

The wear, time and the environmental factors have a devastating effect on the elevator's command circuits. The different relays that constitute the command and control logic lose easily their efficiency, causing more problems than other components. The use of electronic cards improves the output without a doubt, as they are not too sensitive to the constant and long use, other than that, an electronic card can easily be programmed to adapt the elevator operation to the customer requirements, as expected. The use of recent technologies and the years of experience allowed Mylift to have a product which is extremely compatible with other types of elevators and which improves sensibly the operation, as well as energy saving and comfort.

To comply with all the Customer requirements, Mylift propose two different soutions, here follows a quick description:

  • The first involves a partial replacement of the circuit box, installing a programmable electronic circuit in the place of the old relays, an economic and quick solution, but which improves the efficiency only partially.
  • The second solution involves the total replacement of the circuit box which can therefore perform many more functions and be programmed more smoothly, in fuction of the carachteristics required by the user.

Moreover, on both types of modernisations it is possible to install an inverter to sensibly improve the movement comfort, the precision of breaking at the floors and the energy saving.


Electric motor

The motor of old devices is frequently in very bad conditions, the deformation of the parts, the wear and the atmosferic agents deteriorate the hermetic parts and the years of use wear some gears, generating perciveable vibrations and oil leaks, therefore a considerable loss in riding comfort and waste of energy.

The installation of a new motor, built following the most recent studies of the sector and using new generation materials, ensuring a much longer and more comfortable function besides huge energy saving, in particularif a VVVF control is installed for the powering of the new motor. This is the best type of solution possibile and the one which leads to better results; however, in alternative, it is possibile to carry out a simple regeneration of the old component, that being quicker and cheaper. The regeneration of the parts of the motor include the replacement of oil seals, gaskets, push-stop etc and the advantage of this operation is that only those components which are cheaper and easy to find in the market are replaced, saving time and money by not replacing the winch external body and other parts not subject to wear. This type of intervention, quick, efficient and economic makes the motor practically new and able to work for a very long time at top performance.


Floor doors

All the elevator work is concentrated in the floor doors, where the years of usage a mostly noticeable. Continuous moviment, users’ lack of care, time and humidity act negatively in this component, which more than being an aesthetic element, serves to guard passengers safety.

Its role is particularly hard because it is the link between the fixed and the moving parts, a malfunctioning is not acceptable by the norms and because of that in case of inefficiency of the closing movement the device is immediatelly put to a halt.
as from statistics carried out by Mylift, the replacement of the floor doors with others with similar carachteristics built with state-of-the-art materials ensure a work which is safe and constant over time, with a noticeable improvement in efficiency and clear saving.



With time and humidity, the cabine looses the robustness required to withstand continuous impacts and pressures generated by normal usage, also loosing its aesthetic value, which should always be pleasing to the passenger. The usage of new and ultra resistant materials, with modern desing and with many different finishings and granulations to be chosen from our samples guarantees an extremely positive result, improving and solving the problem both from function and aesthetic sides. Together with the walls, the instalation of handles, skirting boards, mirrors, lighting and button sets ensure a result in line with a new device, making time spent inside the cabine pleasing.


Button sets

On the majority of the devices, all the buttons, both in the cabine and in the floors, act also as safety contacts of excessive pressure of buttons, so if the constant work of the elevator is to be achieved it is indispensable to replace also the buttons sets of floors and cabine, which are particularly worn over time, lack of care and humidity, both from aesthetic and functional points of views. The new button sets of floors and cabine built with new technologies such as LED lights, lasting longer, ensure constant work over time and also improve the general aspect of the elevator.


Alarm system

On all devices installed before the issuing of the latest elevator normatives, an alarm system with automatic calling was not installed, a fundamental item, according to Mylift and the latest rules. The installation of the Mylift system is extremely functional and economic, easy to adapt to any type of elevator, with fixed line or GSM, making the ride in the cabine safer and more comfortable, as in the case of the halt of the device, the simple push of a button activate the system which warns our call-centre, establishing communication, reassuring the passenger and drastically reducing the answering time.

The updates described above are only a small part of those feasible and sometimes necessary other than what is imposed by the current normatives; one of our specialist technicians will be available to carry out the checks of Your elevator and advise what is better or compulsory to be done; do not hesitate to contact us.